About Us

Terry Crowley

Terry Crowley founded CWHS in 1985 after working for over a decade in nonprofit leadership positions. Occasionally confused with the pro baseball player with the same name (pictured here), Terry developed a successful model to help small to mid-sized nonprofits secure funding for major capital and program investments. Following his retirement in 2013, CWHS has continued to operate with the passion, humor, and dedication to improving our community that he infused into the business for nearly 30 years.

Dogs and Cat 

Noted animal lover and grandchild spoiler, Nancy White, has been with CWHS since its inception. As the Managing Partner of the firm, Nancy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, and works with clients on contractual agreements and adjustments, as well as responding to initial inquiries and other questions over the course of the CWHS/client relationship. Nancy currently serves on the boards of Family Alternatives and Mano a Mano International Partners.

Tony Helmer Icon

Tony Helmer, initially joined CWHS in 2002 as a development consultant and then as a Partner in 2007. He has worked on over 50 successful Campaigns during his time at CWHS and approaches every project with the same philosophy he applies to life – work hard and have fun. Tony is involved with every client at CWHS as well as the lives of his five kids ranging in age from 9 – 19. A University of Minnesota graduate, Tony’s community involvement includes: Paul’s Pals board member, Community Involvement Programs finance committee, and coaching youth athletics.

Coffee Pot

Karl Sevig has been with CWHS since 2005, moving from development associate to lead consultant, and then to Partner in 2014. Karl works on every Campaign at CWHS using a unique set of talents to coordinate with staff, clients, and campaign volunteers to achieve the Campaign goal. Like Tony, Karl ascribes to the work hard and have fun model of business, but also brings a B.A. from St. Olaf College and a J.D. from the University of St. Thomas School of Law to ensure the fun/work ratio is balanced. In addition to doting on his two young children, Karl serves on the White Bear Center for the Arts board of directors and makes sure our clients, like him, are well caffeinated!


CWHS’ resident artist is Melanie Bethke. During the day she doubles as our database guru, administrative assistant, and office manager. Since joining the firm in 2004, Melanie has been the pleasant voice on the phone and smile at the front door for CWHS while managing many day-to-day details to support each client. Melanie has a B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota and continues to exercise her creativity whenever she can. You can find a sampling of her work at

On occasion, CWHS contracts with other development professionals who provide high quality written materials.

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