About Us

Terry Crowley founded CWHS in 1985 after working for over a decade in nonprofit leadership positions. With a deep commitment to    on-the-ground, small- to mid-sized human service organizations, Terry sought to create a model that would afford these organizations access to development expertise too often reserved for larger, fully-resourced agencies. Nancy White was hired to help launch and then manage the firm, and she became a Partner in 1991.  

Today, the CWHS team strives to apply the same philosphy and principles, passion, humor, and dedication to improving our community that Terry and Nancy infused into the business every day until they retired (2013 and 2020, respectively).

Much has evolved since CWHS' founding, yet too many inequities remain for too many in our community.

So, CWHS remains focused on leveling the playing field, helping critical organizations efficiently and effectively navigate the philanthropic landscape to access the capital needed to better serve their clients.


Tony Helmer, Partner

Karl Sevig, Partner

Danielle Bollinger, Development Associate

Emily Sevig, Office Manager

On occasion, CWHS contracts with other development professionals who provide targeted support.


Crowley, White, Helmer & Sevig
1619 Dayton Ave Suite 301, St. Paul, MN 55104 | Phone: (651) 646-8564